More Please No More is a beautiful book. A substantial volume (pp 539, stitched, set in Minion on 100 gram Bioset, blue linen binding, hardback with dust jacket), it embodies the revised, full and final text of Williams Mix, with its celebrated introduction by William S Burroughs, together with substantial extracts from Minor Incidents (aka A Crocodile of Choirboys, Phenix Books, San Diego, 1970) and Young Thomas (Greenleaf Classics, San Diego, 1971). These extracts, whilst offering the reader a tempting introduction to underground classics of the counter-culture, are so designed as to stand unaided and can be read as complete novels. More Please No More (Out Now Press, London and Den Haag, 2011) is the second hardback book to be published by C J Bradbury Robinson.

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